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Pet Spay and Neuter

At Balboa Veterinary Medical Center, we provide professional and compassionate spay and neuter surgery in Granada Hills, CA, to help control pet overpopulation and promote your pets’ overall health.

a dog being examined by a vet

Professional Spay and Neuter Surgical Services

Balboa Veterinary Medical Center offers comprehensive spay and neuter services for both dogs and cats. Our skilled veterinarians perform these procedures in a safe and controlled environment, ensuring the comfort and safety of your pet throughout the process.

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Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Options

We believe every pet deserves access to high-quality veterinary care, so we offer low-cost spay and neuter options to make these essential procedures more accessible to pet owners in our community. Our affordable pricing ensures you can provide your pet the care they need without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering your pet offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Population Control: By spaying and neutering your pet, you can help reduce the number of unwanted litters and prevent pet overpopulation in your community.
  • Health Benefits: Spaying and neutering can help prevent certain reproductive cancers and reduce the risk of other health issues, such as uterine infections and testicular cancer.
  • Behavioral Improvement: Neutering male pets can help reduce aggression and roaming behavior while spaying female pets can eliminate the risk of heat-related behaviors and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Longer Lifespan: Pets that are spayed or neutered tend to live longer, healthier lives compared to those that are not.

When to Consider Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spaying and neutering your pet is an important decision that should be made based on their individual needs and circumstances. It is generally recommended to spay or neuter your pet:

  • Before Sexual Maturity: For most pets, the best time to spay or neuter is before they reach sexual maturity, typically around six months for dogs and cats.
  • Before Adoption: If you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue organization, they may be spayed or neutered before adoption to help prevent unwanted litters.

Schedule Your Pet’s Spay or Neuter Procedure Today

Spaying and neutering your pet is an essential step in responsible pet ownership. Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule your pet’s spay or neuter procedure at Balboa Veterinary Medical Center in Granada Hills, CA. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily answer any questions and help you book an appointment for your furry friend. Let’s work together to keep your pet healthy and thriving for years.